Building Tall at University of Toronto’s Graduate Research Days

Every year during Graduate Research Days, University of Toronto hosts the top MASc and PhD applicants from across Canada to come to U of T’s campus, meet with professors and other graduate students, and get to know some of the most interesting projects that are currently underway at U of T. In 2017, Building Tall Research Centre was proud to be a part of the Graduate Research Days at the Faculty of Engineering for the second year in a row and took the opportunity to showcase some of our current research projects with the top applicants that are applying to University of Toronto this year. Building Tall is growing and therefore we are continuously looking for great talent to join our research team!

Some of the posters presented by Building Tall this year are included here. For more information on these and our other research projects, please check out the “Research Initiative” page on our website!

Arash Shahi, PhD, PEng, PMP
Research Project Manager
Building Tall Research Centre


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