Other Areas of Interest

The Centre intends to be inclusive in terms of expertise from various disciplines. As such, several other challenges to the design, construction, and operation of tall buildings have already been identified and are potential topics for future research within the Centre:

other areas of research

  • High rise buildings are highly sensitive to dynamic excitation due to their flexible structures. For these types of buildings, vibration caused by ordinary wind loading may create problems from the viewpoint of the serviceability and comfort of the occupants.
  • The design of the building envelope is another area of concern as it affects energy consumption, building health, and occupant comfort.
  • The research focused on indoor air quality is showing how occupants are affected by airborne particles originating both from within and without the building.
  • There is mounting evidence that drinking water quality can deteriorate within premise plumbing due to stagnation, variability in the quality of plumbing materials, and long storage times. Compounding the problem is jurisdictional uncertainty about the roles and responsibilities for safeguarding drinking water quality in a large or tall building.
  • The severe loading conditions generated by tall buildings means they often need to be founded on rock. Currently, the design of foundations on a rock generally uses empirical procedures and hence does not accord with modern reliability-based design principles. These procedures are also poor at properly accounting for the fractured nature of near-surface rock masses.